The Difference Between Vet Clinics & Hospitals

Your pet is very important to you. Regardless of what is happening in your life, they are a place to find fun and happiness. Prepare yourself for events like this by finding a skilled veterinarian in your local area.

There are typically two types of places that you can take your pet for medical care: vet hospitals and pet vet clinics. In the sections below, we'll describe these options so you know where to find a pet doctor.

Veterinary Clinics

For preventive care and minor procedures, choose pet vet clinics. The staff will include licensed vets who can make diagnoses surrounding your pet's health. Vet clinics typically send blood and urine samples to an outside laboratory for testing. To learn more about the capabilities available from your local clinic, visit a veterinarian near you.

Vet Hospitals

There are two major differences with vet hospitals. First, size. The staff and buildings are both larger than what you will come across with pet vet clinics. The second is services offered. Veterinarian hospitals often include specialty surgery, pharmacy, radiology, and laser therapy. When a major emergency occurs with a pet, this is likely where you will want to take them.

Where to Start?

Find veterinarian eldersburg md today to ensure you are ready if your pet needs medical attention. You'll be able to quickly find the veterinary services that your pet needs from a local vet.